Friday, August 31, 2007

Permanent eye makeup?

I bought a compact foundation the other day as i've not been wearing much makeup for a long time. I wanted a more even complexion when i go out. Moreover, everyone looks good with a little makeup on. Sponge on a little foundation, define my eye brows, put on a liner, roll on some lipgloss, and i'm ready to go. Nothing fussy. My best facial features are my big round eyes.

My sister borrowed my compact foundation the other day and forgot to return it. She wanted to try out the shade before she buys herself one. She's also like me, seldom wears makeup. She told me her friend had Permanent eye makeup done at a salon recently. and asked if i'm interested or not. She told me it looks natural on her friend. I told her to go ahead with it and i'll consider once i see the end result on her face.

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