Monday, August 06, 2007

More updates on my Hawaii vacation

I dont know what i've gotten myself into now. First, there's Australia. Now, Hawaii to consider also. Both places also i havent been to. Most of my friends tell me that Hawaii vacations has more to offer. Endless white sandy beaches, great weather and people. Just pure fun every single day in the sun. I dont know whether to believe them or not. But they are air-stewardesses, and have flown to Hawaii many times during their career.

Karen, one of my friends asked me to gather more Hawaiian tourist info before i decide which place to go to first. Hubby also advised me to take my time. It's only August and we are only going endof this year. But, i'm so free now. Apart from blogging, what's there to be done. So, i might as well spend more time going through more Hawaii traveling tips so that i learn more about the places available there. Drop by for more updates, ya.

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