Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More luxury Hawaii resorts

My friend, Amy, just got back from Bali yesterday. She told me that 4 days of fun in the sun is really not enough. At least not for her, lol. She knew that i may be going to Hawaii end of this year and wanted to tell me to stay there for at least two weeks if i really want to enjoy myself.

Ya, hubby thinks the same way too. When he goes on holidays, he wants to make the most out of it. Not spend time rushing to the airport and back again after two days. He will definitely not go if that's the case. Amy told me to check out Gebhart Properties. They have launched a new website that features premiere Hawaii Condo and ocean front vacation homes for rent on both the Big Island and also Maui. Ya, the word "luxury" sounds very appealing to me. I'll have to check out how luxurious it is for myself.

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