Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is Colloidal Silver effective against bird flu?

Did you read or hear about the recent bird flu outbreak in Bali? My god, so many people were diagnosed with it. Got me worried for a moment as i have a friend who is going there on a holiday with her family. And they are also taking both their young children along. I read from her blog that she has already prepared everything for the trip. Passport renewed, flight tickets and hotel accommodation all booked. Just waiting for the day to take off. I tried calling her earlier, but she did not answer my call. But i'll keep trying until i get to her. I'm worried.

Actually, i wanted to tell her that i've read somewhere that colloidal silver is a natural anti-bacterial agent. It's been used for thousands of years by the Greeks and the Chinese to treat and prevent many kinds of diseases. I was wondering if she might want to check out more about colloidal silver on whether this can help her or not. I hope she will if she insists on going to Bali. But seriously, i'd rather she cancel her trip altogether than take the risk. Geeee.... i'd better call her again now. Hope she picks up her line......

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