Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm tired dar.... i want a holiday

You see, i really want to take the kids for a holiday. Too bad i cant. Yayaya, i know i've talked about this so many times already. But cant a mother rant for a while. I'm tired man, taking care of them all day long and working all night long. I'm really and seriously sleep-deprived. Walking around zombied nearly every single day. No more time left for myself already.... *sulks*

If you are thinking to going on a holiday with your kids, by all means take them to Orlando and let them play all day long at those endless theme parks. Given the choice, i'd rather lounge by the hotel pool and let hubby do the chasing for once. Then, he'll understand how tiring it can be caring for those two lil' monsters all day long. I think i'd run a check on those orlando hotels and see what i can find. If their offer is good, i'll bug hubby to take us there.

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