Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm getting a used car

I sold my car the moment i came back from KL. It's an old car anyway and if i dont sell it off soon, i wont be able fetch a good price for it later on. Ipoh is a small town. Everywhere is like 10 to 15 minutes away, lol. Moreover, hubby drives me around most of the time. That's the reason why i can live without a car for so long.

Now that my kid is going to school and hubby has to travel out station a lot these days, i feel it's best that i have a car of my own. I dont have to depend on my MIL or FIL to send or pick my kid to and from school. I've spoken with hubby regarding this matter and he says since i only use the car occasionally, he'll buy me a used car.

Though i dont have much knowledge in Used Cars at all, i do have friends who are in the Used Cars business. Hubby advised me not to listen to their recommendation and instead, learn how to decide for myself which used car to buy? He asked me to check out's new Decision Drivers tools and that it can help steer me in the right direction. Another great tool there is the Book Values by Kelley Blue Book. It'll help me figure out if a used car i like is priced right.

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