Friday, August 03, 2007

I cant sell.... ????

"I cant sell". This is one of the most common sentence or response i hear whenever someone ask me how to make some money during their free time and i tell them to run their own MLM business. Apart from this they will also tell me other reasons like, "I dont like to meet people", "I'm afraid they'll laugh at me", "I dont know how to sell things", blah, blah, blah.

The reasons are endless. If you can come up with one, chances are i've heard of it. So, for those who do not like the idea of selling in order to earn, what if i tell you there is a way that you dont have to sell to earn. Will you go for it? You will consider, right. Perhaps vendstar will be the right kind of opportunity for you.

Vendstar, established in 1990, provides a unique opportunity for individuals and entrepreneurs alike. By owning your own vending business through Vendstar, the world’s largest bulk vending machine company, you dont have to meet people in order to sell and earn. Just let the vending machine do the selling for you.

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