Thursday, August 23, 2007

Have you heard of Mint credit cards?

Are you just about to submit your credit card application form?? Before you do so, take a moment to read what i've got to say first. You have to know that many of the credit cards out there have a high interest rate on your outstanding balance. So, it pays to know that Mint Credit Cards will help you save on all your purchases by offering 0% until 1 March 2008. And if you have any outstanding balance on your other credit cards, then by all means, do a balance transfer to this card also at 0%. This offer is good right up to until 1 October 2008. But there is a handling fee of 2.5% on your balance transfer.

I find their credit limit pretty attractive too. With a Mint Credit Card, you get up to £7,500 credit limit. Not bad, eh. You are also provided with a free online account management where you can download statements and also receive email and text alerts. Most importantly, this card has online fraud protection. We do use our to shop online once in a while, right. That's what credit cards are for, okay. It doesnt have an annual fee. And i love their unique mc2 card design. Do check it out and see if THIS is the card for you or not. I'm all for it!!!!

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