Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The end and the beginning of yet another month.

I just whacked a huge bowl of Maggi Mee with egg and yet i still feel as though i havent eaten at all.... sigh. I want to write a few more posts before i hit the sack. It's already end of the month. I didnt do well this month. My kids were down with cough and cold during the early days of the month. I'm like that, if my opening is not good, then my mood to earn also drops. Weird hoh.

Anyway, my kids and my own health also comes first. I can say overall, i really had a good month this July. Tomorrow is the beginning of yet another month, lol. Hope i do better. But i promised myself i must complete my knitting. Where got so much time to blog blog blog lehh??? So, maybe on my birthday, i ask for two extra hands and 48 hours in a day lar. Then can do more!!!

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