Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Do you need Debt Relief & Credit Card Consolidation advice?

I was at Parkson this afternoon. Hubby came back from Haadyai and wanted to take Malcolm out for lunch. Right after our lunch at Sushi King, hubby wanted to go to Watson's to get a bottle of Bio-oil. On the way to Watson, we were pounced upon by a few men trying their best to push their bank's credit card to us. They were really pushy despite me telling we already have credit cards and dont need more. They even followed us when we left their kiosk and went on and on about why we should apply for their card, lol.

I used to have many credit cards in my name. It's simply because i have many friend's who work at the bank's Credit Card Sales department, not because i'm a shopaholic or what, k. But i will cut them up after one year as the bank will charge me a renewal fee thereafter. Why pay when i dont use the card. I'm a very disciplined card holder and only spend when there is a good deal around. But then, many of my friends who hold multiple cards are heavily in credit card debt and need Debt Relief advice.

I told them they can apply for Credit Card Consolidation to lower down the interest rates. Then, make sure to pay off the debt as soon as possible and cut up those cards. If you are like my friends and need help on your credit card debt problems, do surf over to and see if you qualify for debt help. Dont drag the problem. It will only worsen as interest rates are very high. Get help now.

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