Thursday, August 02, 2007

Check out this queen-sized bed with storage!!!

I never seem to have enough space in the room to store all the items that keep accumulating in my life. Both hubby and i love to shop very much and each time we go to the mall, chances of us returning with bags and bags of shopping items is quite high. I have this habit to unpack everything and store them neatly away, and throw away the packaging that comes with it. I'm never interested in those nice boxes nor bags, only the product that i paid for; PERIOD.

But for my pack-rat hubby, that's not the case. he'll want to keep everything that came with the item, lol. So, you can imagine the tonnes of unnecessary things we can have all over the place. I keep most of those items in the guest room. Who has so much space to stash all his boxes, lol. Really i dont as we sleep in a single room together with our kids. And i keep most of my kids stuffs right inside our bedroom too for convenience sake. And they do take up quite a fair amount of space too.

Take a look at the bed in the picture below:

It's a queen storage bed which i found at an online home furniture store, They also have home office furniture and living room furniture. But it's this bed that i find suitable for my needs. Isnt this a great idea to have more storage in the room? And so space-saving too. They have designed the bed in such a way that i can keep all those everyday items conveniently. It may be a bit higher than normal, so what. They have included a little stool to make getting up and down the bed easier. If only a bed like this locally, i'd like to buy it back for my bedroom.

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