Monday, August 27, 2007

Apartment-hunting made easy

Hubby and i had a discussion that we should really get an apartment down in KL. He has to travel so often to both north and south so much these days. We've calculated that with all the money spent at hotels, we can get a place of our own. Moreover, it's still property and we can sell it off when we feel we want to upgrade to a landed property next time. But for the mean time, it's much better to buy an apartment as we dont have to maintain it much. Can forget about cutting the grass in the garden for example, lol.

I told him with an apartment, we can take the kids along on his travels during the weekends. It's more comfortable than staying in hotels. But he did say that moving to an apartment is not that easy. He told me that moving to an apartment is indeed a lot of work and i'd better consider it properly. I said no, cos i can easily find one at Dont he can find a suitable one. I know looking for an apartment is not easy here cos we have to rely on newspaper listings and real estate agents. If only we have a website like over here, then finding our apartment would be much easier.

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