Sunday, August 12, 2007

Air Ambulance Charter Service

My cousin was overseas when he met with an accident. He was mountain-climbing somewhere, slipped and fell down a terrain; in a faraway place where there's no phone coverage. If he was not using a satellite phone then, i believe he would have died of hypothermia out there. He managed to call his friend who called rescue service. He was air-lifted to safety and arrived in time to the hospital.

His friend told him when he got his call., he was pretty lost at first. He remembered watching a documentary about air ambulance and logged on to the internet to seek for help and found, that offers air ambulance charter services. He called the dispatch number 1-800-827-0745 listed on the site. He was glad they were so helpful and their response was exceptionally quick. Take down this number and keep it in your pocket. You may not know when you will need this life-saving service.

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