Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gordon misses Mickey :(

I think most of you, my dear readers, have been anticipating a long-winded report of my recent trip to PD, right. But sorry, i really wasnt in the mood. Some things got left behind. One, it's Mickey. Two, it's my specs. So, i was like blinded for a week waiting for a replacement pair. Gordon wasnt too happy till now as he misses Mickey very much. VERY VERY MUCH!!! He'll look at me with bambi-eyes and tells me "Mickey" whenever he sees Mickey on my blogs or pictures stored on my hard-disk of the trip. Broke my heart to a zillion pieces when i see his sad face.

I took him to go get a new Mickey from World of Cartoon, but then, he doesnt want it. IT'S JUST NOT THE SAME, MOM.... DO YOU GEDDIT????? Maybe this is what he's thinking of... sigh... Just now, I sent a very long-winded email to Glory Beach Resort where i stayed with the hope that somehow, Mickey will miraculously turn up at my doorstep one fine day. *slaps self for thinking like a 4 year old, niamah*

I have lots of photos of the trip and somehow, everytime i look at them, i'm reminded of how lucky i am to be sitting here and typing this. See what happened to the car on the way back. Something flew off a knn 4wd and hit our car. Thank god it didnt hit our windscreen. It went down and i can hear "Kkrrraaakkkkk,,kkkrreeeeaaakkkk, krreekkkk, kraaakkkk....." for dunno how long before it flew out and hit the car behind us.


Our friend was also calm enough and handled the car well. If not, choi, choi, choi.... i dare not think. The car that was behind us happened to stop at the same rest area shortly after we arrived. It suffered quite a fair bit of damage too. Looking at the pics now also gave me goosebumps, eeewww. Scary huh. Gimme some time to go dig for nice pics to share with you, k.



shoppingmum said...

Gee...I know how that feel. You really tai tao ha leh. :P

2crazydogs said...

Oh, poor baby. lesson learned - check every nook and cranny for personal items before checking out. I hope you get some good news from the resort soon.

mistipurple said...

lucky you and family alright.

Wendy said...

wah lao.....the car so terrible...charm

Simple American said...


You are so lucky. Imagine the damage should it impact with your windshield! Glad you made it home safe and sound.