Friday, June 08, 2007

Wailathon is on

I was so damn right. Gordon woke up at 10.30pm, sat up in bed and wailed, and wailed, and wailed, and wailed, and wailed..... the nyehhhhhhhh, nyehhhhhhhhh, nyehhhhhhhh sound. You say i chisin or not. Feel like banging my head against the wall now.

I know he's hungry, but my fan-toong doesnt want rice wohh. He wants yoghurt, niamah. He's already coughing like hell and he wants cold yoghurt wohhh.... sort9jorr. I refused, and more wailing. Then he asked for milk, which i happily made, but then he saw the bottle of fresh milk belonging to his Aunt inside the fridge, and refused his goat's milk. Again, more wailing.

He declined all his favorite snacks. Oranic Rice Cracker dont want, cornflakes also dont want. I cooked him bihun, with marmite soup, took his milk into the room. That's it. If he doesntwant those, i whack them all up and get fat.

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L B said...

YATTAAAA! You've been TAGGED!!