Thursday, June 07, 2007

Gordon & Malcolm at the playground swing


I hardly ever take Gordon across the road to the playground . As Malcolm's never sat in the swing before, we took both kids over and let them have some fun. We're actually very lucky to have such a swing that can seat a baby in it over here. Many moms take their babies here to the playground just to sit in this swing and i hardly ever use it.

One reason is that there are many youths playing football here in the evening. I'm afraid that they might accidentally kick the football over to the swing and that has happened many times before. But, we do have a swing right at our front porch. I prefer to sit there and knit as Gordon cycles outside. I can only do so when and if Malcolm is taking a nap. Hope you enjoyed the video :)


Our Journey said...

enjoyed it very very much *muacks* for malcolm

Mommy to Chumsy said...

So cute....Malcolm really enjoyed the swing eh?

mistipurple said...

Malcolm's so mesmerised in that swing!! wheeee so fun!!