Monday, June 04, 2007

All my urls on business cards?

Geeeee.... i hate it when people ask me what i do. What do i tell them? That i'm a silai? A SAHM? A WAHM? A cyber8phor? A blogger? Yeah... yeah.... i had a somewhat more glamorous title last time. I ran my own interior designing firm. I ditched all that to stay home to look after two kids that drives me insane 24/7.

Many friends of mine still dont know what a blogger is. And when i tell them i have websites, they always want my urls. Ya ya ya.... like they'll drop by and give me organic traffic, lol. Anyway, it really does get tiring writing down all my website's url for them. I have so many websites now that i have a problem remembering all of them. I think it's time i print those that i update regularly on business cards and hand them out to friends. What do you think?? Good idea??

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