Friday, May 25, 2007

PPP Direct Launches

It never ceases to amaze me what new features PPP can continuosly roll out every now and then for bloggers. It was just not too long ago that we had some new changes. But this time, it's very different. One of the biggest changes being PayPerPost Direct.

I've read about people asking if it's possible for advertisers to directly approach Posties to get them to write special blog posts before. Now they can. PPP Direct just turned that into a reality. It's pretty simple in fact. All you need to do is specify the minimum amount you want to be paid for these Direct opportunities and stick a widget on your blog and wait for an advertiser to approach your blog and make you an offer.

The difference with this is that posties get to keep 100% of their specified amount. Let me just cite an example. There are other companies that has this same feature. But the BIGGEST difference lies with the "cut" that they're taking from your blog's amount.

PPP Direct works differently compared to competitors like ReviewMe which charges 50-100% markup and keep up to half your money. PPP Direct only charges a 10% fee, 5% of which goes to transaction fees for PayPal and credit card processing. Now, isnt that a whole lot of diffence in terms of revenue to Posties.

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