Monday, May 21, 2007

Political blog

It's not everyday that we get to review a conservative blog. Well, for one, i'm all for democratic country and leadership. take a look at It's very out-spoken and no-holds-barred articles are indeed a good read. A break from the norm that we get to read from newspaper and such where all articles are biased. I found out a few good fact about the global warming issues there. Check it out.

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GTangerine said...

I guess I can't agree with you cause I grew up in VT where we just decided that impeaching whats his face Mr. War was a good idea, and the two things i hate are tags and labels. Labels are words like 'liberal' and 'democrat', and tags are words like 'hippie'. There's not much of a difference. Politics is about people who want control at any cost, no matter what they are. Oh yeah, and I hate a third thing; war based economies.