Sunday, May 06, 2007

Must i follow instructions?

Technology and new gadgets do fail us at times; especially when you need it most. You cant live with them; you cant live without them. You can't depend on them; yet you cannot not depend on them. Most of the time, they bring joy to us; once in a while they are a major pain in the ass.

Thursday was just another screwed up day whereby i got flakked when my knn phone failed to ring. It happens once in a while whenever i've turned on the speaker phone to listen to the music on my N73. Dont ask me why. That blardy thing hangs once in a while. I think it's mostly due to the large number of files on the whopping 2Gb memory card that makes it sluggish and hangs.

So, what happened was hubby's trying to reach me urgently. He was in KL and wanted me to check something for him online. I was blogged-out and the cb lines were acting up. Practically moody, stressed out and just-not-up-to-anything at all. I never heard the phone rang, but my telephatic abilities told me that he's trying to call me and i took a glance at my phone and BINGO, 3 missed calls.

I returned call and got the flak as yadda, yadda, yadda, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, no point arguing over business matters, k. I got them done pronto. He was satisfied, but as i was in a pretty tulan-ed state that day, i sent him this.....

So... now what. I think i'd better get my ass to the mall and swipe that PLATINUM card of his for the oh-i'm-so-dying-for-it Nokia N95. Or waittt... maybe i should just grab a ticket and go stay in some villas in Italy for a month or two. LB.... your mission is to find me the best, or i'm bunking in with YOU!!!! And mess up your bathroom.... :p


L B said...

Bunk with me.. I can't wait for those real life one-on-one pole dances already!

may said...

huarrrr, dem powderful, your SMS! so today we go shopping for new N95, hor? yippee!