Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mac Poker

My uncle who loves to play poker, bought himself a Mac recently. A few of my friends are also Mac users. They all tell me that Macs are more stable than Windows. I dont know. I've never used a Mac before. I've contemplated (still contemplating) buying one for myself, but am afraid that all my files wont be compatible with it.

I hate learning new things. I find that it's a total waste of time. But the thrill of owning something totally different is also very tempting. My uncle asked me where can he find a reputable online poker site that's compatible with his Mac. See... wanna play poker also so troublesome. Anyway, i asked to check out Mac Poker. They have a very extensive list of Poker sites like Fulltilt Poker, Poker Stars and Pacific Poker for his Mac.

Guaranteed he wont have a chance to sleep much at night playing on all the sites there. Geee... i wonder if my Mac-user friends play poker or not?


L B said...

I am such a sucker for anything Mac, so I must comment, just for the sheer hell of it!! Get a Mac! You will wonder why you waited. For what? No cows to come home liao!! Sommore, with all the dosh you saved from today, it's time!!! Come to the Light Side!

Samm said...

Mine must be able to link to my company's stuff lah. Long story also. Very sien wann.... sigh