Saturday, March 10, 2007

Stun guns for self defense

I hardly ever go to the Mall alone as i often hear ladies getiing assaulted at the car parks. Not only at those dark and quiet basement car parks. Those assailants are getting bolder by the day. They even attack you in broad daylight. Even in the presence of large crowds. How scary.

I've heard of a self-defense device called stun guns. A friend told me her husband bought her one King Cobra stun gun for her to keep in her handbag at all times. This isn’t like the olden days stun guns. When you push the trigger on the King Cobra stun gun, it erupts with what looks like a bolt of lightning and makes a very scary and intimidating popping noise that is probably enough by it’s self to scare any would be attackers away. Believe you me. If i ever see one, i'll be the first to buy a few.

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