Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sleep talk

I've been sleeping early these few days. I need a completely dark room in order for my kids to fall sleep faster. So, when it's lights out, they cant see anything and since cannot do anything much, no choice but to close their eyes. Myself, the same. It takes them quite a while too.

What can i do? Sometimes i play with my handphone, but the light will distract them. Half the time, i think i fall asleep faster than they do. I tell myself to wake up at 5am to work at my pc but most of the time, i'm unable to. In a way, that's good also. At least, i get to sleep for a minimum of 5 - 6 hours straight. Cant complain. But, still not enough.... 10 would be best, lol.

Dream on, Samm.... not for another 10 years at least. How i miss my beauty sleep. I'm going to open a sleep spa for those poor sleep-deprived souls like me next time....

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