Saturday, March 10, 2007

Radio on my phone

I've set a few radio stations onto my phone. But how come i cannot listen to it via the loudspeaker? Can only use the headphones supplied and i DONT LIKE TO USE HEADPHONES!!! Maybe it's because it's not wireless, dunno. I just dont like HEADPHONES, period. Can never fit into my small small ears.

I can listen to songs on my playlist using the loudspeaker though. Still fiddling around with the phone. Stupid user's manual that came with the package is in Malay, knn. How to understand? The english version in pdf on the cd. CB, have to read it from the pc. Most likely will take it back to the shop for an exchange. If i were to buy a bluetooth earpiece, can i listen to the radio using that? Hate wired stuff, blekkkkkk.

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