Sunday, March 18, 2007

Please dont call me before 10am....

I was woken up by my handphone placed by my bed at freaking 8.30am just now. Aigghhh... blame myself; forgot to turn the volume off after i unplugged the headsets from my ears. Niasing, see what the fler's calling me about...

Me: *sleepily...* Mmmm.... yess???

Caller: Ah, good morning, hoh... Ms. Yeap. My name is XXX, Your friend gave me your number and said you wanted to know more about Death Insurance. Are you free for an appointment this afternoon?

Me: *click*.... hangs up

Eh, hello. ... first thing in the morning that fler call up and ask me whether i need Death Insurance or not. Ok, i wanted to know more about it, but my friend would have known better than to ask him to call me before 10am. I dont even know who the heck he is. If i ever find out who gave him my number, i'm so gonna wring his head off. Meanwhile, i can always find out more about it from Globe Life. If it's right for me i'll buy direct from them instead.

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