Monday, March 12, 2007

Looking for a good realtor?

Sometimes, people just need a change of environment after living in the same place all the while. Me, i dont like to stay in the same place for a long time, i'll get bored. After 10 years of city life, i moved back to my hometown about five years back. It's a nice and quiet place, lots of good food and the cost of living is relatively low. But after 5 years, it gets rather boring. It's such a non-happening place.

I've had enough of it and now that the kids are bigger, i want to move to a place with beaches. I want to learn how to surf. I have a friend who lives in Malibu, and they say it's a good place to live. The weather's great all year round. I'd better be. If not, how to surf if it rains all year round.

I asked my brother, who's lived there before and he says that it's not bad at all. Told me Malibu is Beverly Hills at the Beach. He even asked me to check out a website that has Malibu Real Estate Listings. That where he got his house last time. You bet i will. I want a house by the beach. The kids are going to love it.


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