Friday, March 02, 2007

Hawker food for me?

One of the questions i'm asked most is whether organic me still eat hawker food or not. Chisin ah..... i live in Ipoh lah, weii. The kingdom of hawker fanfare, lol. You know, ngar-choy-kai (chicken with beansprouts), chee-cheong-fun, fohsan lormaikai & dimsum (lb, lb....drool ahhh), wahhhh, the list is endless. Of course i eat lah. What do you expect me to do when i'm out? Bring my own food with me? Gimme a break. I'm afterall, human.

Although i lead an organic life at home, when out, i just eat like any normal person would. I know till today, i've not done foodporn on any of my blogs. The reason is plain simple. I see food very differently from the rest of you. They are all artery-clogging, fattening, high sodium, msg and preservatives-laced, blah, blah, blah.... lolz. But i do try to eat less of those antibiotics-laced meat if i can help it. Or maybe it's time i do some foodporn of my own? Me cooking ah.... aikkks!!!

1 comment:

L B said...

LB is drooling, but you can skip the food, and just do the porn bit.. I won't mind...