Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gordon Lurrrvvveeesss Mickey Mouse!!!!

Gordon's having so much fun with Mickey Mouse that he practically forgotten that Malcolm exists. See Malcolm waving at the bottom right hand corner., calling out for his KorKor, lol. Sadly speaking, i feel neglected too now that Gordon only wants Mickey, Mickey and only Mickey.

It's time i bring Minnie home since Lb says it now looks like i have three sons, lol. And if i read your minds correctly, yes, the vest on Mickey is the one i crochet-ed for Malcolm sometime before he was born. Fits well, hoh. I'm now itching to knit and crochet more. Gonna start a new blog soon for my handcrafts. Stay tuned for the announcement, ya.... :)

1 comment:

L B said...

Yeah, bring Minnie!!! Then you can crochet dresses as well, in preparation for the next girl..