Saturday, March 17, 2007

Easter is just round the corner

I checked Gordon's schoolbag just now and found a note in it. It's from the school. How come i didnt notice it last week? The note says to bring along a few unbroken empty egg shells for a project next Monday. My guess is they are making painted Easter eggs. I've done that as a kid before. Cant wait to see what my kid brings back for me next week.

That reminds me to order a few Easter Gift Baskets for my mom and sisters. I'm so forgetful these days so it's best i do it now. I found some at that has some cute bunnies in them. Have you ordered yours yet? If not, head over to the website and get yours. Prices start from $39.99 only. Very affordable. You can even personalise your own gift basket if you dont like their pre-packed ones.

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