Friday, March 02, 2007

Coin-operated Alcohol Breath Testing


I'm sure everyone knows that it's illegal to drive after drinking alcohol. Apart from flouting the law, you are actually endangering your life and others' too. But sometimes, people still do need to unwind after a hard day's work. Me, i use to go club-hopping with friends or hubby during the weekends. I dont drink, but then, hubby does. It's because, i need to stay sober in order to drive home later.

I've heard of coin-operated breathalyzers before. But then, unfortunately, i've not seen any around the clubs i used to hang out. If there is, many lives would have been saved. Now there's a Vending business opportunity that does just that. Analyses your breath before you leave the bar or club. If i were a club owner, i'd be the first one to put one in my club. That'll surely reduce the number of impaired or intoxicated people on the highway or in the workplace.

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