Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Car sitting arrangements with the kids

I've readjusted Gordon's carseat for Malcolm to sit on. That fler is really not like his brother at all. Scream all the time. But i dont care. He has to learn to sit in there. I cannot be carrying him all the time. He's heavy, man. And it's tiring. Gordon is the best baby to care for. Fuss-free and jovial. Anything goes for him. A real pleasurable experience for a first-time mom. If i had Malcolm for my first baby. I dont think i'll ever want another baby after that. He's a real handful.

Initially, i thought i'd buy Gordon a booster seat. But then, as he can sit quietly and willingly behind the passenger seat with the car seatbelt on, i wont be needing one. I just need to get the child seatbelt adjuster so that the strap doesnt cut into his neck. He's not complaining so far. Doesnt even seem to mind Malcolm sitting in his chair. Today, in the car, he even kissed Malcolm on the lips with a "smack" sound. What a loving brother. Hugs' to both my boys.

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