Thursday, March 15, 2007

$5000 Remodel, Blog & Win Contest

I was searching for remodelling ideas for my house when i came across this website, It says if you're in North America, you can remodel your house, blog about it and stand a chance to win a grand prize of $5000. YES!!! You heard me right.

You can Remodel, Blog & Win $5000. Isnt that cool. I've read some of the benefits of bloggers to enter the contest. Even if you dont win the $5000, there's still a $1000 prize money for the People's Choice Award. That's still a lot of money, you know. Apart from that, you'll gain exposure for your blog, increased traffic, link juice for your blog and even get to meet tother bloggers too.

I've seen some of the blogs that have entered the contest. You must go check it out too. They're beautiful. You can get many ideas on how to remodel your house, your bathroom, kitchen or garden. And there's even a free cost estimator tool. What are you waiting for? Start tearing down your walls now. Remodel your house, blog it and walk away with $5000.

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