Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wonderful Costumes for Children

I've always looked forward to the day Gordon goes to school. I've reached that milestone in my life this year. Gordon is officially going to kindy. He can play with so many new friends his age. I'm really happy that he did not cry at all though today's his first day in school. I'm so proud of my lil boy.

When i went to pick him up later in the afternoon, i saw some childrens' costumes lying around in his teacher's room. Oh, i remember seeing them during last year's concert which i attended as my nephew is studying at the same school too. But those are quite old already. I really should have a word with the principal.

I came across an online store that sells costumes for children. They have so many designs to choose from. I saw a few Star Wars themed kits for kids at their childrens' costume section. How cool is that. And many others like fairies, alladin and even astronauts too. I really do hope that the school can buy some new ones from Escapade - Costumes for Children. Then, this year's concert will surely be more lively and wonderful.

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