Tuesday, January 09, 2007

We're going to Maui..... YAY!!!

I've been bugging hubby to take us for a holiday after Chinese New Year. And you know what? He said yes and asked me to go ahead and choose my holiday destination. Well, at this time of the year, I'd choose Hawaii. He says he'll take a whole month off to spend time with the kids. Isnt he sweet.

But to be frank, i told him if we were to stay there for a month, i dont want to be holed up in a hotel room with two kids for one month. After searching around, i finally booked us a nice condo through gebhartproperties.com, that handles Maui Vacation Rental. I'm so excited now that i'm starting to shop around for the ultimate piece of bikini for my vacation.

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Wendy said...

wah lau...so lovely...made me jealous only...