Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Looking for civil engineer jobs

I just got off the phone with my nephew just now. He's not very happy and shows no signs of hiding it. Poor guy, his contract with his engineering firm will be up soon and as always, he is searching high and low for his next job. It's always been like this for people in this line of profession. Being a Civil Engineer is not easy. Why is it so difficult for him to get permanently employed?

I think in order to avoid the hassle of going through the same process of looking for new civil engineer jobs everytime his contract is about to end, he should consider registering himself with professional recruitment agencies. He should trust professional agencies like these as they have vast networks with very up-to-date information on both sides of the employment market. With his vast experience in this profession, i'm sure the agency will not have problem finding him a job once his contract ends.

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Wendy said...

hey samm, where do your cousin live? if it is in ipoh, mayb you can try ask for a job in Perunding YSL in ipoh old town.