Monday, January 08, 2007

HP Photo Scavenger Hunt #6

This post is sponsored by HP

Who doesnt want an extra $1000. A completed picture of Veronique is worth that much. But to find 30 pieces? This is only my first; 29 to go. I've been trying very hard to find them all but they're all grabbed right before my eyes, sigh. Blame it on our slow internet connection :(

But, even if i dont get them all, at least the fun part is trying to grab the opps as they appear. I congratulate whoever gets the $1000 this time. But if i do win, i'll definitely go tell all my friends about the campaign that the leading Digital Photo Printing company, HP is doing. Then, go buy myself a brand new hp camera, take lots of pics and blog about it.

1 down.... 29 to go....

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