Saturday, January 06, 2007

Grouptivity - Taking email to the next level

Almost everyone i know has at least one email address. To me, i can never imagine life without it. Email has always been such a simple and easy tool for communication. But, it starts to get messy when you try to collaborate with multiple people when using email as the medium.

Have you ever counted how many pages you have to open before you finally find the one you're supposed to reply to? As more and more people get into the conversation and use the reply all function, I have to click through every single one, getting lost along the way and have to restart the process all over again.

If only they'll use this new servive called Grouptivity. As easy as sending an email, users can also set up a private discussion space. You can add in your contacts from Skype, Yahoo, and AIM too. And the best things is that you can use your regular email address. So the recipients of your Grouptivity discussion don't have to register and log-in to respond to your message.

With Grouptivity, i can now cut down the mess in my inbox. Time to clear out all that clutter and move on to Grouptivity!

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