Sunday, January 07, 2007

designPATHS - a tutorial site for designers, by designers

Hubby asked me to design his company's product label for him the day before yesterday. He wanted to combine two scanned images into a single image, and to crop out all the unnecessary details. After that, he wanted me to replace a few colors with his selection. Well, i can scan the images for him. But as for the rest of his requests, he'll have to ask someone else to do it for him as my Photoshop skills are very limited.

I asked around and my friend recommended that i go take a look at designPATHS. Told me that it has lots of tutorial categories like Photoshop, Terragen and Javascript. If only i knew about earlier. Then we wouldnt have to engage someone to do the artwork for hubby. What a great place to learn hpotoshop from. And oh, i might even pick up some HTML tips along the way. That'll help me when i want to tweak my blog's template. I'm sure in no time, i'll be able to help hubby out next time. I'd better head over to and brush up my Photoshop skills right now.

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