Thursday, December 14, 2006

They can hardly fit Malcolm liao

What i have now in Malcolm's closet cannot fit him for long. So fast, and i have to go dig out the next batch of clothes for him. Going through his clothings reminds me of the day i took them out one by one for washing. Most of them were Gordon's baby clothes, with the exception of a few new pieces which i bought.

So many onesies. Have always loved buying onesies. Love to see his fat lil thighs. Well, i'll keep these for my next baby. Ok, that's "if" i ever wanna get pregnant again. I'm very contented with my 2 boys. Unless hubby pesters me to try for a girl. Keyword being "TRY". Yeahhhh..... "TRY". Meanwhile, i'll just go dig out the next batch....

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