Saturday, December 16, 2006

Simple bubble fun in the bathroom

Gordon loves playing with bubbles, especially during bath time. Wants me to blow big ones all the time using my hands, then transfer it onto his body/hand/the bathroom floor. He would then stamp his foot or slap his hands to burst it. And after that, would laugh and laugh and laugh.

Isnt it a happy sight to see that simple things like these can make a child laugh out loud? All it takes is some water and soap, and the both of us can have endless fun in the bathroom. I wonder if Gordon will like playing with those battery-operated bubble guns or not. I dont mind buying him one if i come across one during my shopping trips.


Omni said...

Children teach us to enjoy the simple things. :-)

Samm said...

True enough. That's why i enjoy being with them. Makes me happy to see them play and smile.