Thursday, December 07, 2006

Malcolm got a fright

I was knitting on the bed, Malcolm by my side. Gordon's learning his ABCs a t the computer. I finished my row and got up to get a sip of water from my desk. I didnt see Gordon jump off the chair and went bouncing up and down on the bed, right beside Malcolm. Somehow, he landed beside his brother.

I think that gave Malcolm a big fright as he took one look at me, and started screaming his lungs off. That was 10 pm. He screamed for a good 30 minutes. Nothing would calm him down at all. I tried nursing him, but to no avail. Walking him up and down the hall also didnt work.

All i could do was to hold him tight in my arms. I got tired, put him down back onto the bed, and patted his back till he went to sleep. Poor baby. Gordon got a lil smack on the bottom from me. He cried and sulked himself to sleep also. I was so tired myself that i fell asleep too.

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may said...

I'd be frightened too, if something crash-landed on me all of a sudden!! *hugz Malcolm*