Thursday, December 14, 2006

Healthy Gifts Baskets

OMG!!! Christmas is just round the corner and i still havent really finished buying gifts for our loyal customers. Hubby is still nagging me over this. Well, the truth is i cant seem to find something unique for them. I dont want to give them the same old stuffs every year.

What do you all think of gift baskets? Everyone loves and appreciates gifts of food, right. Especially when it is of such high quality and beautifully wrapped too. I think it would definitely surprise my customers this year to receive a Healthy Gift Basket filled with healthy snacks for them to enjoy without feeling guilty later on. Surely that would make a good impression.


L B said...

Send everyone Apples this year!!! Not only are they so cute, they are so delicious! And they come in different sizes to suit the rank!

Samm said...

Dont tempt me lahhhh, yerrrrr