Monday, December 25, 2006

Give a blogger a camera and....

This is what happens whenever there's a bloggers gathering of some sort. You'll definitely see most of them have this in common. And that's to snap away at anything and everyone during the gathering. They'll take pics of everyone, the food, drinks, the venue, even the menu, lol. You can never miss them. How to when they can a be a really loud bunch.

And by the time the gathering's over, there'll always be the mad rush to see who will post the pics up on their blogs. It's actually fun to see the pics all over the blogs. Some of the bloggers can have some superdy-duper digital cameras. Those that can take pics so clear that even blackheads on your nose can be seen by the naked eye. You say scary or not. I'm so gonna stay clear of those with a camera in hand. Dont want my face plastered all over their blogs with a zit on the tip of my nose, lol.

Well, here's another way those bloggers can show off their photography talents. is holding a 2006 Photograph of the Year Contest. And there's over $14,000 in prizes available to win.... woohooo!! Dont waste the chance to showcase your beautiful pics for all to see. Hurry over to for more details on the contest!!

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L B said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Samm & Boys!!! Where are your pics? The nude ones!! Yeah!

Tim L. Walker said...

Thanks for the great post! Entries are due in by midnight, January 12th, 2007! Less than 2 weeks left to get your photos in! ;)