Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Custom Boardroom Tables

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Hubby's office is almost ready. The interior designer he hired to do up the office had done quite a good job. His partners are also quite pleased with the whole place. The reception area is spacious and welcoming. Each individual director's room is decorated according to their taste. And they all have exquisite taste.

Hubby has chosen an open-planned work-area for the staffs. The entire floor is carpeted in a medium shade of blue. The only thing that's not in yet is the conference room table. And the conference room is huge. He has specifically requested for a twenty-seater table, nothing smaller than that. Finding a table that big is not easy.

Well, a conference room is the heart of the office. It’s the place where deals are made and for team building. All the final decisions will be made there. Only the best people will get to sit in that room. It cannot be any ordinary table. It has to be a specially designed table.

Conference room tables cannot be bought from the stores. It’s best custom-designed. He wanted something unique yet practical. Not your everyday square-typed table. After rounds and rounds of meeting with the designer, he finally settled for Custom Boardroom Tables from a company called Their tables are very beautifully crafted. Right down to the finest detail.

Hubby never knew that there were so many different designs and shapes to choose from. But I knew he has always preferred solid wood, especially those high-end detailed ones with figured and patterned inlay. The reason he opted for a custom-designed table is simple. It has to accommodate electrical items and A/V equipments and these have lots of cables running through it. has tables that cater to his needs. Tables that combines the state-of-the-art workmanship with timeless craftsmanship. One that has to stand the test of time.

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