Friday, December 08, 2006

Body detox information

When you start feeling tired all day long, your stomach is bloated and there's excessive flatulence, it's time for your body to undergo a detox regimen. All these symptoms are due to the high level of junk in the food we eat, the high level of pollution in the air we breathe and the high level of toxic material in most of our drinking water. Detoxing on a regular basis is easy. But first, we must decide on how to detox and what detox program to use.

Our body in fact has a very smart built-in system of elimination. Over time, our over-intake of meat, high fat consumption, lack of fiber, sluggish lifestyle, not drinking enough water and lack of exercise will eventually wear down our elimination system. When this happens, our bowel movement becomes sluggish, thus impairing fecal elimination.

This in turn will lead to autointoxication. Autointoxication is a condition whereby if the toxic load in our system cannot be removed efficiently, the toxins will flow back into our bloodstream. In this way, toxins produce a disease-vulnerable body environment. Even tough body toxins may not be the causes of all disease, they prepare the body to accept many illnesses and diseases that would not have flourished or gained a foothold in a healthy body.

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